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Are You An Athlete? You Might Be An Emotional Eater. Take This Test To Find-Out.

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  • Many athletes eat for comfort as much as nourishment. Athletes and physically active females often feel the stress of competition and the joy of competition, which leads to lots of eating. Experts call this “emotional eating” or “stress eating.”  Emotional eating is dangerous because often the calories being consumed are not needed.  Giving in to emotional food cravings causes overeating and weight gain. It is possible to get emotional eating under control. The next time you feel the urge to eat a comfort food, stop and ask yourself this question: “Would I eat broccoli right now.” If the answer is, ‘yes’, you probably are truly physically hungry. If the answer is, ‘no’, do not eat. Your hunger is being driven by your emotions. There is no physical need to eat. Read the full story on Lifehacker.


    Sport: It's A Female Thing!

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