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Why Women Buy Podcast

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  • Join Janet TV Each Week on the "Why Women Buy" Show

    Women are more powerful consumers than ever before. They control $3.3 Trillion Dollars in consumer spending, are responsible for 80% of household buying, and control 50% of the wealth in the U.S. Despite this, many marketers fail to fully recognize and reach this tremendous audience.  Join CEO Darryl Mobley each week as he interviews top thought-leaders, proven business-builders and catalysts for business growth during the “Femaleconomics: Why Women Buy” podcast
    The “Femaleconomics: Why Women Buy” mission: Help companies connect their products & services with this enormously valuable audience, by bringing you thought-leaders who share their powerful insights regarding the best methods for reaching and persuading women.
    Special guest marketing experts include:
        • Kris Malkoski, president of World Kitchen, North America (Corelle, CorningWare, Pyrex)
        • Kelley Skoloda, partner/director of Ketchum’s Global Brand Marketing Practice
        • Jim Chastain, founder of Reality Check qualitative thinking and insights company
        • Carolina Rogoll, faculty member of the MPSB- Masters in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City
        • Linda Landers, founder of Girlpower Marketing
        • Lisa Baird, CMO of U.S. Olympic Committee
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    Sport: It's A Female Thing!
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