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    Every superstar athlete has fitness secrets that they stick to so that they can rise above the competition. This book—really, more of a booklet—reveals some of the secrets we’ve uncovered in our work with great athletes. These secrets enhance female fitness, women's health, weight loss and weight gain.
    Sure, we could have written a 40,000 word book just to impress you. But, we are not trying to impress you. We are trying to impress upon you those key steps you can take to get more fit and move closer to achieving your athletic goals. That’s why we have boiled down this booklet into bite-sized chunks—secrets—that you can take action with right now. I mean…really! Why wait?
    One more thing, these secrets are appropriate for you if you are a world-class athlete already (some of you are), if you are an active adult woman (some of you are), if you are a teenager trying to step up your game (some of you are), or if you are someone of any age who is finally sick & tired of feeling sick & tired.
    Let’s get started!
    Unni Greene and the Editors of Janet TV
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