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  • Surveillance video captured the moment a foolish thief tried to steal Serena Williams' cell phone and was caught when the tennis ace sprinted after him.
    Williams shared the story of her superhero move on Facebook Wednesday, saying she was out to dinner with a friend when a man came over and stood silently next to her at the table.

    Now, video taken from inside and outside the San Francisco restaurant - where Williams was dining with a male friend who appeared to be Reddit founder Alexis Ohanion - shows just what happened next when the athlete turned vigilante sprung into action after the man snatched her phone.
    Not thinking I reacted (hence the superwoman photo) I jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant (leaping over a chair or two) and chased him down,' wrote Williams on Facebook Wednesday.
    'He began to run but I was too fast. (Those sprints came in handy) I was upon him in a flash!'
    The video shows that is indeed just what happened, as Willaims appears to effortlessly make her way through the crowd and is able to quickly catch up with the unidentified man. 
    And despite being the victim, Williams tried to give the idiot thief the benefit of the doubt.
    'I kindly asked him if he "accidentally" took the wrong phone,' said Williams. 
    'He stumbled on his words probably not expecting this to happen. While he was thinking of the right thing to say and eventually he said "Gosh you know what I did! It was so confusing in there. I must have grabbed the wrong phone."'
    Williams, 34, said she then thanked the man, took her phone and returned to her dinner.

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