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  • You are invited to the first-ever Female-Only Combine, hosted in Austin, Texas on a New Date in Late Spring 2014, by 1 Up Sports and  Open to all ages and all sports. (See the flyer below. Pre-Registration is required.) You know that is dedicated to female athletes. This is your time to get the training and insights previously known by only the world’s best female athletes.  Whether you are 12, 16, 26... - - this combine is where you must come to get trained, measured and evaluated using the latest technology and leading experts. If you want to play and excel at the high school, college or national level - - you must become a better athlete. This combine will show you how! Read the flyer below. You may register by clicking here. If you want to download the flyer (pdf) – click here. See you there! 
    Whether you play soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, or are a track & field athlete - - becoming a much better athlete is what you must do in order to raise your game and get noticed by coaches. You can practice your skills all year long, but if you can’t jump higher, run faster, react quicker, and generate more power than your competition - - then, they (not you) will play at a higher level! Many coaches agree with this quote from a well-known college coach: "I need better athletes, not just girls who practice their sports. I can improve their skills if they are already really good athletes when they come to college. If they are not really good athletes when I evaluate them, I don't want them." Become a better athlete. Register today.


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