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  • December is’s National Sports Blog Post Month and is a platform for sharing great voices, stories and ideas about/from/to the world of female athletes and their sports. If you are committed to sharing your view of female athletes and their sports, we invite you to share your voice with our huge community of active & athletic females. is an unstoppable movement with a mission that includes inspiring women & girls across the full sports and active lifestyle spectrum. (SUBMISSION FORM BELOW)
    We want to facilitate and curate a community that empowers women. If you have a blog—or want to begin writing a blog—and want to share your voice on any one or more areas, from your favorite team to yoga to your favorite sport(s) to exercise to weight loss to gymnastics to softball to soccer to MMA to college to pro to Olympics to lacrosse to health to Crossfit to surfing to running to baseball to pilates to WNBA to club teams to triathlons to cricket to netball to healthy recipes to rugby to being a fit mom to cycling to curling to figure & fitness competitions to sports news & gossip to every other sport & physical activity in between … You can do so during’s National Sports Blog Post Month. We will feature you & your blog and make you (at least a little bit) more famous!
    Submit your blog using the form below and we will get back to you soon with info on where you can send your photo or other images you may want to accompany your blog! (Note: Each of the 3 spaces below (blog space 1, 2 and 3 can hold up to 750 characters, including spaces. Use each space as needed to submit your blog.) You may submit a complete blog or post the first few paragraphs and then have a "read more" link taking the reader to the full post on your blog. In this case, include your link at the end of your blog below so that we may add it to the posting on All Entries must be written in English. (SUBMISSION FORM BELOW)
    We encourage you to commit to write (photograph, draw, craft poetry, whatever) every single day this month! We’d love to post you every day. To help inspire bloggers, Janet TV will feature some writing prompts each day to get you going.  We are committed to your success.  Each blog will be linked back to your website, facebook page or Twitter account. (CLICK HERE for some prompts to give you ideas and get you started.)
    Win Prizes!
    Every week during National Sports Blog Post Month, we'll be handing out gifts to our bloggers (that means YOU!) based on their commitment to blog daily and the amount of readers their blog attracts. Bloggers eligible for prizes must be legal residents of the U.S. and 18 years or older.
    Okay. Do your thing in the form below! (You will be sent to once you successfully click submit.)


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