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  • Janet TV's Top 10 Tips for College Cheerleaders

    You’ve been performing in dance or cheer for years now, watching all the competitions and reveling in the glory of those cheerleaders. You’ve done hundreds of high-v’s, flips, and pyramids with your high school squad, all with the end goal of making the cheerleading squad at the college level. The pressure is high, the competition is fierce and you just can’t wait until you've made the squad. If you prepare yourself for tryouts, you can set your mind and nerves at ease and feel confident when you're given the opportunity to impress the coaches. 

    We’ve prepared a list of the top ten things you can do to ensure that you make the cut on the college cheerleading squad. College cheerleaders are expected to make the mark in many areas, including academics, character, and charitable contributions. And of course, they must possess excellent cheering skills. Our list is full of tips to help you stand out and present yourself as the ideal cheerleader in every way.
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