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  • When coach Doug Packwood announced after San Diego High’s football game last week that he was stepping down immediately, Athletic Director Danzia Montero was forced to find a new varsity football coach.
    As is often the case, she looked to the current JV coach — Knengi Martin.
    What makes this move unique is that Martin is a woman.
    “No one expected it,” said senior starter Shay Urrea, a strong safety and tight end. “But we’ll adapt and we’ve witnessed what she’s done with the JV team. We don’t look at it as a woman, but as just another coach with a high football IQ.”
    Martin is the only female varsity football coach in the state of California and only one of a few in the country ever. 
    And not just at any school, but one that — despite recent struggles — has one of the richest football histories in the state of California. A football program that was once crowned national high school champion.
    “When she took the reins, we knew that she would be the first — at least at this school,” Montero said of the Cavers, who have been fielding teams since 1895. “We’re happy to give her a chance.”
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    Sports: It's A Female Thing!


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