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  • The Forbes Magazine list of America’s Top Colleges is one of the primary indicators of which colleges are best for academically-oriented students.  However, where does one look for a list of colleges for academically-oriented female student-athletes? Right here on, of course!  Every school that made our list is highly regarded in the Forbes Top Colleges list. In addition, each of these fantastic schools offfers a range of varsity—and excellent club and/or intramural—sports programs. Here’s the bottom line: We wanted to feature schools where female student-athletes didn’t have to settle…where they could have it all—great academics and sports programs that matter. 
    How did we choose? The crack selection committee looked through all the available academic & athletic data for hundreds of women’s sports programs at colleges across the country. We then evaluated the  impact of school graduates, and dug into the questionaires sent in by college athletic directors. After that, it was easy. No. Not really. Then, we argued among ourselves about the merits  and demerits for each school, in order to rank the best of the best, from #1 to #23. Egos were bruised. Feelings were hurt. Alma maters kicked to the curb. (Imagine telling your boss that her school wasn’t good enough!) Anything for you! Right? Right?
    So…are you a high schooler looking for the perfect place to explore your sport and intellectual passions for the next four years? Great! We think we’ve got a list that has something for everyone.
    By the way -  Which worthy schools did we leave off the list? Tell us which schools should make the next list of the Top Colleges For Academically Oriented Female Athletes by Clicking Here.
    Click the Arrow above right to see the rest of the list of America’s Best Colleges for Academically Oriented Female Athletes – 2014



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