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  • Professional women's cycling is an invigorating sport, certainly for the cyclist, but also for the spectator. As the racing pack flies by in a blur of bright colors, the breeze those women cyclists create as they whiz past the gaggle of watchers will feel as if a blast of energy just hit you. Even the cheers from the crowd won't be able to drown out the buzz of bike chains and gear clicks as they shift. Shoulder-to-shoulder and wheel-to-wheel, these bicycle races often come down to their nail-biting finish, guaranteeing a feeling of exhilaration among those fortunate enough to witness the iconic crossing of the ribbon.

    If the images depicted above are something you'd like to experience for yourself, then head over to women's road bicycle racing events that are happening all over the United States. To give you some ideas, here are our picks for the very best U.S. bike races for women.



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