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  • Let’s address the camel in the room.
    Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all had it. It sneaks up on us when we least expect it and lets everyone know it’s there. It’s almost like it’s waving, “HELLO!” and we’re the last ones to know. Until that race photo shows exactly what it’s been up to. Yes, I am referring to our infamous camel toe. Thanks to race photos, we are lucky enough to catch sight of it in all its glory. I have, however, learned from experience how to avoid the dreaded camel toe.
    With outdoor activities and indoor workouts in full swing, it can be tricky to avoid the toe and still stay cool. I know sometimes it’s an unavoidable suction in our body that creates this silhouette. By using the following tips, you can avoid camel toe while running. 
    You can let the rest of your body do all the talking.
    1. Always try on running shorts before you buy them.
    Not just shorts, but all lower body workout bottoms, should be tried on before being purchased. Try walking out of the fitting room to see what they look like in different lighting. Also, move around in them while you try them on. Try squatting, jumping and running in place.
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    Sport: It's A Female Thing!


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