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PRESS RELEASE: - Take the LipStick Challenge, Get "In The Fight" and Beat Breast Cancer
September 15, 2014

58 Outstanding Female Athletes Featured
July 13, 2013
June 6, 2013
NEWS: Transworld Business Magazine
June 1, 2013
NEWS: Bass Angler Magazine
May 28, 2013


PRESS RELEASE: Wanted: Janet TV Twitter Ambassadors

April 22, 2013


NEWS: KOMO Radio / Tom & Jane Show - Seattle, WA

April 10, 2013
NEWS: 700 WLW Radio / Eddie & Tracy Show - Cincinnati, OH
April 9, 2013


NEWS: Austin Business Journal

April 5, 2013
April 3, 2013 


Unni Greene, The Diet Diva, interviews Janet TV CEO Darryl Mobley

Unni and Darryl discuss how Janet TV – the first channel dedicated to female athletes – came to be, how Janet TV will change the culture that treats females as second-class athletes, Janet TV’s mission, the shows and other content that will be on Janet TV, and why “Sport: It’s a female thing!” As a bonus, they discuss how to get work-life balance. [audio. 19 mins.]
Unni Greene, The Diet Diva, will soon be appearing as the host of the TV show, “Your Best Body Ever.” She is also the Official Diet and Exercise Coach of Janet TV and a Senior Writer who will address questions on exercise, nutrition and how to be a “Fit Mom.”
Janet TV will be dedicated to women’s sports exclusively, with original programming and sporting events. We announced our strategic partnership with the internet network …

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