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Interested in partnership opportunities with Janet TV?

Janet TV is focused on presenting the best original and entertaining sports editorial content featuring athletic & active females to a broad audience. We are interested in working with partners that want to syndicate our content through national partnerships or co-promote for mutual benefit.
To become a national partner, or if you are interested in sharing content with the Janet TV community, please contact: Partners [at]
Interested in advertising opportunities?
93 million U.S. females play sports and are physically active. Janet TV provides a place for these females & their fans to gather around their interests and see themselves. The 93 million athletic/active females are a larger consumer base than the nation’s 62 mil. married women, 60 mil. college grads, 39 mil. Black Americans, 39 mil. HHs headed by 25-49 year olds, 32 mil. Hispanic Americans 18+, 28 mil. teenagers and 4.3 mil. yearly births. Contact our sales team at advertising [at]
Press bookings and other media-related questions?
Fantastic! We’d love to hear from you. Please send all requests and pertinent information to us at: Media [at]
Interested in Getting Your Team, School or Sports event featured on Janet TV?
Great! We want you. If you are interested in increasing awareness for your team, sport or sports event among the large Janet TV audience, please send all pertinent info to us at: Info [at]
Interested in Writing for Janet TV?
Great! We want writers who are passionate about sports (or a specific sport) and want to share their passion with the world. Please visit: Blog for Janet TV
Mail to Janet TV
P.O. Box 342305
Austin, Texas 78734
Have questions or need help with a Janet TV community-related issue?
Visit the Janet TV Community Forum [Coming Soon]. Or Email: Info [at]
Notice a typographical or factual error?
Send the URL and a brief explanation to our Corrections Group: Corrections [at]

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