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So you love Janet TV and want to contribute to the channel that is changing the way the world sees female athletes and the way athletic females see themselves? Perfect! You are in the right place. Our producers are always looking for talent.  You don’t need to have professional experience in front of the camera.  On the other hand, it’s perfectly fine if you do have experience.

It’s straightforward!  Just do these two things to be featured on Janet TV and maybe become a regular:
1. Please email or mail us a little about your interest in and experience in sports or physical activity. Include links, Twitter handle, Facebook page, blog URL (if you have), Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Website, Business Description or Major Accomplishments, and Short Bio. We’d also appreciate a photo of you. [Email & mail address below.] – - AND – -
2. Email or mail us a video of yourself addressing one of the questions/topic areas below. (In today’s world of cameras everywhere, you should be able to get us great video.) Here are some tips: We’re biased in that we love athletic & active females and their sports & sports interests. Begin your video by telling us your name, where you live, and a little about you and your life and your relationship with sports and physical activity. Smile! You’re not expected to shoot a professional-quality video, but do make sure it’s good enough that you can be seen and heard clearly throughout before you send it. Natural light is sufficient. But be sure to face your light source so you are not lost in the contrast. Frame your shot so that your face is clearly and frontally visible in a medium close-up (the top of the frame should be slightly above your head and the bottom of the frame just below your shoulders). In other words: Your face should be your most visible part. Use a tripod. Avoid filming other people. If you’re filming with an iPhone, be sure to hold it in landscape mode (horizontally, with the lens toward the top). Otherwise your video will either be very narrow or sideways when it’s viewed (even though you won’t notice this on your iPhone, since it automatically rotates the video). If you’re using a webcam, use your camera’s software to increase the video frame rate to the maximum; otherwise your video will likely be choppy.
Be authentic. Show your passion for the topic. Be interesting. Let us and anyone else we show the video to know just how much you love Janet TV. Say what you mean and mean what you say in as many words as is necessary – - – no more and no less.End your video by saying (with gusto): “Sport: It’s A Female Thing!” Generally speaking, your video should last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. If you email us the video, it cannot be larger than 30 MB. If you MAIL your video to us it can be any size. [Email & mail address below.] You may submit as many different videos as you wish.
Why is “Sport: It’s A Female Thing!” your personal anthem?
Why do you love sports?
What’s your favorite sport (and why)?
What impact do you think Janet TV can have on the culture?
Why do you want to join the Janet TV team?
Which sport(s) should we cover on Janet TV?
Which team(s) should we cover on Janet TV?
Which athlete(s) should we interview on Janet TV?
Why should we choose you to represent Janet TV?
What impact has Title IX had on your life?
What impact has Title IX had on your child’s life?
Janet TV is Looking for the Quirkiest Sports Talents!
Ask Janet TV: Have a Strange Sports Belief or Question?
Love Your Sport or Sports Team? Tell us why
Are You An Emotional Sports Fan?
What’s the Wildest Thing You’ve Done to support your team?
Send Us a Photo of Your Favorite Sports-Themed Restaurant!
Are You Extremely Stressed when your team plays?
Why should others watch Janet TV?
What’s the most surprising thing about Janet TV?
Calling All Daughters, Moms and Grandmas! Send us a video of all of you watching Janet TV
Seeking Women Who Want to Get in Better Shape!
What Sport do you Wish You Played but Don’t?
What’s your biggest fitness challenge?
Have you gotten fit & trim with Janet TV?
What’s the worst thing about how the media tends to portray female athletes?
Who’s your favorite female athlete?
Who’s your favorite coach of a female team or athlete?
What’s your idea of beauty?
Are You Janet TV’s Biggest Fan?
Calling All Busy Moms
Hate the Way Your Legs Look?
Want to Blast Your Belly Fat?
Want to Lose Weight this year?
Need an Energy Boost?
Want to play rugby?
Want to take up Roller-Derby?
Ask Janet TV Your Toughest Body Questions!
Want a Workout that will make you a better athlete?
Want to play a sport in college?
Want Tips to Look or Feel Younger?
What Is Your Most Unusual Sports Superstition?
Seeking Sports-Involved Families
What extreme efforts do you take to give your daughter sports opportunities?
What’s Your Favorite Tip From Janet TV?
Calling All Coaches!
Did Janet TV Help You Lose More Than 25 lbs?
Do You Need a Fat Burner?
Need a new workout?
Want to Lose 10-50 Pounds and Need Help?
Need Janet TV’s Help to Cure Your Energy Crash?
Always Tired and Don’t Know Why?
Calling All Fit-Moms!
Women Aged 50+ to Appear on Janet TV
Calling All Husbands of Athletic Women
Addicted to Carbs and Want to Lose Weight?
Draw Me: Submit Your Original Janet TV Art
What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sports Moment?
Is there a sport you want to try (but you are afraid)?
Share Your Best Health Tips
Share your best fitness tips?
Calling All Fitness Competitors
I Want a Janet TV Shout Out!
Ready to Start a New Chapter in Life involving Fitness?
Want to Help Your Family Get Healthy?
Are You a Secret Bulimic?
Want to Get Rid of Your Belly Bulge?
Got a strong opinion about sports?
Email #1 and #2 above to:     Show [at]  
- or Mail us #1 and #2 to:
“Be On Janet TV”
Janet TV
7301 RR 620 North, Suite 155-101
Austin, Texas 78726
By submitting your material via email or mail you agree to be bound by each of the following:
1. If your video is selected to be featured on Janet TV, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details regarding when your clip may air. We’ll analyze viewer response to your video and may then contact you to discuss Janet TV’s fit with your situation. 
2. Stories, ideas, suggestions, essays, audio, video, photographs or related materials and any other materials of any kind whatsoever submitted (hereinafter, the “Submissions”) will not be returned or kept confidential. All such Submissions may be used: (i) on (the “Website”); (ii) for airing or other publication by Janet TV or any of its affiliated companies, broadcast licensees, entities or assigns, and distributed in all markets and media worldwide and in perpetuity. By submitting the above, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions and consent to your name and geographic location possibly being published in connection with the publication, distribution and/or airing of your Submission(s).
3. The Submissions may be shared with The Producers and/or developers of Janet TV (or its related entities) and any and all related programming.
4. Neither Janet TV nor any of its related companies or entitities are obligated to use or pay you for any Submission.
5. It is possible that similar Submissions may be submitted to Janet TV by multiple sources and that a Submission may be similar to ideas generated or developed independently by Janet TV employees.
6. All Submissions shall become the property of Janet TV, may be edited for length, clarity and/or functionality, will not be subject to any obligation of confidentiality, may be shared with and used by the staff of Janet TV and any of their affiliated companies or entities and shared with legal authorities if Janet TV believes it warranted. Neither Janet TV nor any third or other party with whom Janet TV shares the Submissions shall be liable for any use or disclosure of any information or Submission that you submit.
7. Janet TV shall exclusively own all known or later existing rights to the Submissions worldwide and shall be entitled to the unrestricted use of the Submissions for any purpose in all media now known or hereafter discovered without compensation to the provider of such Submissions.
8. Janet TV reserves the right to change due dates for Submissions, or other specifics, as it deems necessary in its sole and exclusive discretion.
9. By providing the Submissions, you represent and warrant that you are at least twenty-one (21) years old.
10. No Submission may contain any material that is abusive, vulgar, threatening, harassing, libelous, defamatory, obscene, invades a person’s privacy, violates any law, any intellectual property or other property or other rights, or is known to be false.
11. For more information about’s privacy policy or terms see elsewhere on  
12. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you are seeking immediate assistance on a matter involving urgent health care, personal safety, the safety of others or any other issue requiring immediate attention, please do not use our e-mails or website. Instead, IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF AN EMERGENCY INVOLVING IMMEDIATE DANGER OR PHYSICAL HARM TO YOU OR TO ANOTHER, PLEASE CALL 911 OR YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES. If you are experiencing any other type of emergency situation with which you need assistance, please click here. Please note that we cannot reply to all e-mails sent to us or guarantee that your e-mail will be or will be immediately read. We cannot always review every e-mail that we receive.

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