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About Janet TV

Welcome to a reimagination of Sports TV, a reinvention of how females see themselves as physical beings, a reset of how the world sees female athletes.

Janet TV was founded by friends who tired of female athletes being ignored or treated like second-class athletes by the established media.

Janet TV ( – formerly known as the Sports Channel for Women, based in Austin, Texas, is an online TV channel and destination that provides 24 hours-a-day coverage of athletic & active females and their sporting interests – - sporting events, original programming, scores and news – - and is delivered to viewers worldwide via computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles and connected TVs.

Janet TV is dedicated to featuring female athletes and their accomplishments, and not treating them as second class citizens as is done by the established sports media. Using a “social-media-driven” methodology for creating and programming sports content of interest to females, Janet TV’s editorial and programming team, in concert with featured columnists, show hosts, legendary female athletes & high-profile bloggers, produces original shows and articles throughout the week — including an extensive curation effort which delivers the most comprehensive female sports content experience. The result is first-rate sports commentary that gives Janet TV’s audience the stories & shows they want around the teams, sports, athletic activities, personalities and back-stories they are most passionate about.

In addition, fans of female sports can subscribe to Janet TV’s email Newsletter, which provides a comprehensive buffet of content that engages a broad array of fans at the sport and topic level.

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